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Known for its bright yellow colour, the word Ghee comes from the Sanskrit word meaning 'sprinkled.' Ghee, the golden elixir is a form of butter without water content, lactose and other milk solids. That being said, Ghee is so much more than just butter. This clarified cooking oil that made its way to the plate, is also a potent moisturizer.

We took it a few extra steps further and infused our Ghee with Organic carrier and essential oils, adding value to its already powerful features. Our Oil Infused Ghee is full of vitamins and nutrients.Ghee is an excellent vehicle for carrying oils to the deeper tissues of the body. Leaving your skin feeling light, hydrated and firm. We hand-craft it, to share with the world.

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Our Packaging

The world is big and so are our goals. At Surya we take great pride in our sustainable product as well as its packaging. Not only is our goal to encourage the world to use more natural products, we also want them to understand the importance of creating non-wasteful packaging. Our packaging is reusable, environmentally sustainable and recyclable.

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